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Safi Cleaning Services Limited was set up with a vision to improve the quality of lives of Ugandans by providing services in relation to sanitation and environmental issues.

Safi Cleaning Services Limited mission statement is to contribute towards a clean health environment in Uganda by providing quality and affordable cleaning services.

The vision of Safi Cleaning Services Limited is to attain a one stop fully fledged cleaning services corporate status in Uganda and provide trouble free cleaning services and concepts for busy organization and institutions.

To be able to realize our vision the company set up the following objectives:
• To create a clean and health environment
• To promote opportunities for employment
• To make a contribution towards national income

Safi Cleaning Services Limited observes the national environmental and sanitation polices of Uganda.
Commercial Cleaning
Contractual cleaning of offices
Residential Cleaning
Contractual cleaning of homes
Upholstery Cleaning
Contractual cleaning of sofa sets, curtains netting & blinds and carpets
Janitorial Services
Glass ,metal & wood surface areas, toilet/showers areas
Garbage Collection
We provide you with complete garbage collection services
Fumigation Services
Against cockroaches, rodents, termites, bats, rats, snakes & caterpillars
Compound Maitenance
Flower planting, lawn mowing & grass cutting and drainage cleaning
Dry Cleaning/Laundry
Receive value oriented package when it comes to cleaning and laundering.
Our concern for the environment is evident in the way we operate. All our inputs in the cleaning process, Fumigation/pest control services and waste disposal methods are Environmental friendly.

Safi Cleaning Services Limited recognizes that it is everybody’s constitutional right to live in a healthy environment and everybody’s obligation to keep the environment clean.

We therefore create awareness among our staff and clients the dangers of deterioted environment and poor sanitation through training and usage of slogans like “keeping our environment clean”. This is the company’s positioning statement.

We ensure that the operations of Safi Cleaning Services Limited which aims at improving the standards and quality of life ,takes due consideration of environmental concerns.

Safi Cleaning Services Limiteds uses environmentally and friendly chemicals that are universally tested, recommended and accepted as suitable for use in the execution of our operations.

We also ensure safe use and disposal for such chemicals/materials without occasioning any damage to the clients or employees
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